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Our Story

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Guy Heritage and Melissa Tamblyn 

reside in Toronto's South Leaside neighbourhood where they live with their two sons Liam and Declan. They originally met over 35 years ago as high school students, and have been together ever since. They both attended Queen's University for their undergraduate studies, with Guy going on to complete his Master's in Education in Buffalo and Melissa completing hers in Public Administration.

They felt compelled to become

entrepreneurs and help young neurodivergent students improve their skills and confidence in both their academic and everyday lives, despite their already busy and fulfilling careers. Guy teaches grade 7 with the Toronto District School Board in Scarborough, focusing on special education, while Melissa runs the Microsoft practice at Ernst and Young.

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As an educator and parent,

and having been diagnosed with dyslexia, Guy understood the kind of challenges that neurodivergent children face regarding skills such as reading, spelling, and writing. Liam also experienced difficulties with learning, so Guy employed an Orton-Gillingham-based reading program called The Barton Reading & Spelling System to help support his son's efforts.

"The Barton program uses a highly structured, carefully-scripted approach to helping students read, write, and spell in ten progressive levels. The results with Liam were so remarkable that Guy and I decided to offer educational support to other students who have learning differences. That's why we opened The READy Clinic."

- Melissa Tamblyn

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Maggie's Story

In 2017, Melissa was in line at a bagel shop when she ran into a woman with Maggie in her arms. She asked the patron who her breeder was, as the family was currently looking for a new pet. As it turns out, the woman was actually looking to re-home Maggie. Melissa fell in love, took her straight home from the bagel shop, and the rest is history!

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We're passionate about making a difference.

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