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Who we are

First,  we are you: parents who want the best and the most for our children.

Second, we are educators and administrators with a passion for this approach for student success.

Let’s work together!

Meet the Owners

The Ready Clinic. We teach children to read and spell from the basics.

Guy Heritage

Education Director

The Ready Clinic. We teach children to read and spell from the basics.

Melissa Tamblyn

Administrative Director

Guy Heritage holds an undergraduate degree and a Master’s in Education with teaching experience for over 15 years as a certified teacher in the Toronto District School Board and private tutoring practice. He is special Education, Barton trained and is our clinic’s education director. 

Melissa Tamblyn holds both undergraduate and master’s degrees from Queen’s University, focusing on administration and management. With over 20 years in leadership focused on technology and process design, she is our clinic administrative director.
Most importantly, Melissa and Guy are parents of kids with ADHD/ Learning differences and are keen to share their passion, skills and experience with other student and their families.

The Ready Clinic. We teach children to read and spell from the basics.

More About Guy Heritage

Guy is a certified Ontario teacher with the Toronto District School Board. He has been teaching grades 1-8 for close to 20 years, focusing on special education. As someone with learning disabilities himself, he knows the value of reading support programs - both for the skills they provide and the confidence and self-esteem they inspire.


He has been teaching the Barton Program for two years and has seen the results firsthand with his son. As Education Director, Guy provides the service to our students and oversees the program across our tutoring team.

More About Melissa Tamblyn

Melissa is a technology leader with a focus on the health sector. She has in-depth knowledge of the health and related systems pertaining to special learning needs from her professional experience and as a parent of a dyslexic child who benefited from the Barton program.

As Administrative Director, Melissa manages the business side of the clinic with responsibility for scheduling, finance and communication.

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