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What do we do?

  • We provide reading support services.

  • We use the Barton program for reading – this PROGRAM uses the Orton Gillingham APPROACH


What is Orton and Gillingham?

  • Samuel Orton was a neuropsychiatrist who studied children with language-processing difficulties such as dyslexia. He worked with educator and psychologist Anna Gillingham, they created techniques to teach reading, which integrate kinaesthetic (movement-based) and tactile (sensory-based) learning strategies with teaching of visual and auditory concepts

What is the Barton program?

  • Barton was developed by Susan Barton in California to support her nephew. She has researched and had the program evaluated and licensed world wide.

  • Barton spends more time than most programs on spelling and goes beyond reading basics

  • Barton aims to take the guesswork out of reading and spelling by teaching students rules and practicing using them with real and nonsense words

  • Barton is delivered 1-1 with an experienced tutor

  • Barton uses colour letter tiles to help students connect sounds with letters

  • There are 10 levels of Barton. Each lesson has 18 steps, and activities change about every five minutes

  • If a student can’t complete the eight steps within 50 minutes, the lesson continues at the next session

How are Orton Gillingham and Barton linked?

  • Barton is uses the Orton Gillingham approach which means that it is:

  • Directed and prescriptive – Lessons are highly structured and scripted, using controlled decodable text with rules and patterns for decoding for reading and spelling vs comprehension

  • Sequential – each level builds on the previous while reinforcing and no level is advanced unless the student has mastered it

  • Mutli-sensory – tiles are used physically or virtually/ digitally to sound out letters and blends and connect sounds with letters and even draw in air or write out to reinforce


Does the Program work?

  • They are both evidence -based. Not only is there science behind this – we have personal experience with its success


What ages do you work with?

  • The program is for all ages and levels beginning at age 5 and in kindergarten

  • Everyone starts at the same place – level 1 but some move faster than others


How do you work?

  • We start with an initial screening assessment to ensure that the student is able to hear the sounds and then recommend min 2 sessions a week (50 min sessions) for min 3 month period after which benefits start to be realized

  • The program levels typically take between a year to 2 years to fully complete

  • Not all students complete all 10 levels and that is ok. Most work with us for a year


How does scheduling work?

  • We book a regular set time weekly and sessions are billed monthly

  • Tutoring services for educational support are tax exempt and can be claimed as part of your income taxes – even more if you qualify for the disability tax credit which we are happy to support you with

  • Any sessions missed due to holidays will be logged and made up at your convenience

  • We are open to scheduling changes with 24 hour notice

  • A period of 2 weeks is required for cancellation of services


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