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The Ready Clinic. We teach children to read and spell from the basics.
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About Our Program

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The Barton Program is an evidence-based program with a 1:1 teacher-student instruction ratio. Each lesson is highly structured, carefully scripted, and focused is on reading, spelling and writing using ten progressive levels.

We spend more time than most programs on spelling and go beyond just reading basics.

Our Approach

We use the Orton Gillingham approach to learning - it is a highly structured, direct, explicit, multi-sensory, sequential and prescriptive approach that enables the kids and us to have fun!

Session Structure

We take the guesswork out of reading and spelling.


We do this by memorizing rules and practicing using them with real and nonsense words. We use colour-coded letter tiles to help students connect sounds with letters, and activities change about every five minutes, so our students stay engaged. If a student cannot complete the eight steps within the 50 minute session, the lesson continues at the next session.


All sessions are conducted online via Zoom. We use online tools in conjunction with the video conference session to interact with letters and sounds. We encourage a minimum of 2 sessions a week for at least three months to assess the program and its benefits. Ideally, 3 sessions per week works best for results, but we are flexible to work with you, your schedule and your needs. Sessions are pre-paid monthly with missed sessions credited for future use or rescheduled as needed.

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